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1. 5 Strategies for Fixing a Toxic Work Culture
There are many things that can contribute to a toxic work culture such as high stress, constant turnover, low morale and no teamwork. In this podcast I’m going to share five strategies for fixing a toxic work culture that you can use immediately with great success! Ask yourself a question; Is that the kind of workplace you have? It’s been my experience that often people who work in a toxic environment don’t quite realize it; they question their own reality, or simply blame themselves for their unhappiness. But if you and your teammates struggle with engagement, with high anxiety, and with the constant interruptions of office politics and team discord, that may mean that your culture is simply poisonous.
Origional Story Date :1/15/2020
News | HR - Business 2 Community
Human Resources | Operations | Culture
2. How to write job descriptions that attract Millennials
Of course you want to create a job advertisement that accurately reflects what your need. But does the ad always meet the needs of your target audience? When creating job descriptions to attract Millennials, most HR pros have little demographic and “psychographic” experience, and so they especially struggle with Millennials. That’s because these active young people are simultaneously looking forward to the financial aspect of a job, as well as self-satisfaction, and don’t’ forget the all-important entertainment value. Millennials want to have fun, too.
Origional Story Date :1/22/2020
News | HR - HR Morning
Human Resources | Operations | Personnel | Job Description
3. 3 Ways to Use Data for Better Employee Engagement
If you’re looking to improve employee engagement and encourage a culture of happy workers, then try tracking and analyzing your employees’ data. When executed properly, data analysis can be helpful and responsible, not risky. As Peter Drucker famously noted, “What gets measured gets managed.” Corporations that measure markers of employee satisfaction aim for long-term business success. Some employees may see this as being tracked, micromanaged, and surveilled, but it makes sense to gauge the morale and productivity levels of the people who represent the company.
Origional Story Date :1/20/2020
News | HR - Business 2 Community
Human Resources | Operations | Management | Leadership
4. This 3-Word Mantra Will Make Your Job Easier and Less Stressful
Have you ever felt like the people who work for you are eating up too much of your time asking you for help? That the very people you hired to help you somehow became one of your biggest sources of stress?If so, you may find yourself getting to the end of your day feeling like the only thing you do was answer questions. Fortunately, theres a simple strategy to allow your team to do more of the heavy lifting while you stay focused on what matters most.Its called the 6-inch putt.Even if youve never played a round of golf in your life, this will make sense, so stick with me.When you play a hole of golf, it takes a bunch of different shots to ultimately get the ball into the cup.First, theres the drive off the tee box, then a fairway shot, then an approach shot to get you on the green and then a putt or two to wrap up the hole.Related:How to Find the Right Career Calling and Reduce StressTheres only one shot thats easywhen the ball is within six inches of the hole.
Origional Story Date :1/10/2020
News | HR - Entrepreneur
Human Resources | Operations | Productivity
5. Why it's always a good time to update your onboarding
Updating your onboarding process might not be at the top of every HR professionals' priority list, but it probably should be especially if it's been over a year since your last update. Why? Because an outdated onboarding experience might be sending the wrong signals about a company - and causing needless confusion - at the very time when new hires are looking to understand their new employer and find their place in the organization.
Origional Story Date :1/15/2020
News | HR - HR Morning
Human Resources | Operations | Personnel | Inbound | Onboarding
6. Collaboration by Examples
Collaboration is key to solve complex problems. I’ve always suffered from the evident lack of collaboration between people. It’s professionally frustrating when you’ve experienced effective teamwork. Think to the best team you worked with, what were the specificities? How a Scrum Master can help people, teams and organizations to become highly collaborative?
Origional Story Date :1/15/2020
News | HR - Business 2 Community
Human Resources | Team | Teamwork
7. Tackling mental health issues at work in 2020
We are at a critical juncture in how we choose to address and tackle mental health issues at work, and in our larger society. There is no debate that the conversation is shifting. Awareness about mental health issues is becoming mainstream with actors, musicians, sports celebrities, and even the British royal family raising their voices, sharing their stories, and making it “okay to not be okay.”
Origional Story Date :1/7/2020
News | HR - HR Morning
Human Resources | Operations | Personnel | Wellness
8. How To Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome and Stay Focused
Another year has started and you’re probably excited and geared up to go after all your goals. But then all the noise starts. You see someone’s post on social media. You come across a billboard when you’re driving. Someone in your mastermind group shared a new strategy they’re trying out and you become instantly intrigued.
Origional Story Date :1/3/2020
HowTo | HR - Entrepreneur
Human Resources | Operations | Productivity
9. 5 Mistakes Managers Should Avoid
You will find that everyone has opinions on how to do it correctly. There are blogs, training classes, and books galore. And while you can learn from all of those, the reality is you will mostly learn from doing and observing. You will develop your own unique style, and over time, that style will evolve and change as you gain experience.
Origional Story Date :1/1/2020
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10. Confidentiality is Back in Fashion Following Labor Board Decision
The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has held under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) that employers may maintain and enforce rules requiring confidentiality for the duration of a workplace investigation. The NLRB also held that, if the employer’s confidentiality rule extends beyond the duration of the investigation, the employer must show a substantial business justification for that extension.
Origional Story Date :12/30/2019
News | HR - Jacklewis
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