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HR Solution Journal

The Premise
Human resource professionals are underserved by the shot gun approach of the traditional HR publishers. Hours are spent wading through stories and searching the internet to find applicable content for a particular reader’s professional situation.

The Competition
While a few websites and magazines server the HR market, their one size fits all model wastes resources, paper and time.

Unique Product
HR Solution Journal searches and categorizes all HR content on a daily basis. Stories are then selected for each reader based on the types of HR content they have read in the past. Instead of one size fits all, each HRSJ reader get their own personalized issue with stories just for her.

Built in Credibility
Shouldn’t new HR professionals want to see what the Hiring Manager at Ford Motor Company is reading? Wouldn’t an ambitious employee traininer love to get the daily reading list from the Chief of Training at Amazon? These are the kinds of connections that HR Solution Journal makes for our subscribers. And with SmartStream, you can get your recommended reading list delivered right to your inbox each week.

User Friendly
Best of all, the only thing required to train HR Solution Journal to work for you is to use it. After you register, just click on the headlines of interest to you. We can’t wait to learn what you want and need to read. Make HR Solution Journal work for you.

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Byron Crowell